10 Ways to Use Hashtag Printing on Campus

Take your student engagement to the next level by bringing hashtag printing to your college campus. Leading hashtag printer, Photoboxx is a natural addition to a wide variety of campus activities due to its mobility and easy set up. Curious about how to maximize the use of your hashtag printer? Check out ten of the most popular ways that colleges are using Photoboxx for campus events:

Prospective Student Tours

College tours are exciting for both prospective students and their families. You can expect to see countless photo-ops throughout the day. University of Oregon uses Photoboxx to print photos from Duck Days, the university's official student tour dates throughout the year. Prospective students post to Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #duckdays and their green and yellow branded photos are instantly printed for a unique take-home keepsake to document the fun-filled experience. 

Campus Concerts 

University of Maryland and Syracuse University both used Photoboxx recently for campus concerts. University of Maryland recently held their 2018 Art Attack XXXV, which featured several hip hop shows throughout the day. Syracuse recently held their annual Mayfest, which celebrates the end of the school year. Syracuse set up a colorful backdrop wall for students take photos in front of. Check out photos from both event hashtags: #aa35 and #mayfest18

Campus Hackathons

Keep attendees engaged at hackathons by providing entertainment at the event. University of Colorado holds their annual Hack CU hackathon every winter. The event hosts over 600 students and alumni for a 24-hour hacking marathon. This years Hack CU event saw over 300 posts from student's during the 24 hour event. Attendees posted to social media using the hashtag: #hackcu to receive their custom branded printout of their photos instantly from the event. 


Campus Conferences

Conferences are a necessity at most college campuses. Create a buzz around your campus conference by providing hashtag printing before and after the event. Georgetown University brought Photoboxx to their annual Women's Forum and saw 165+k impressions on Instagram and Twitter and a reach of 76k.

Award Ceremonies

Award ceremonies are another great way to utilize Photoboxx. University of Dayton brought Photoboxx to their annual Student Government Association end of the year ceremony. Students and faculty posted to Twitter using the hashtag: #udsga for a fun curation of ceremony photos as well as their individual print-outs of their pictures. 


Freshman Orientation 

Freshman orientation is another popular event that colleges are incorporating Photoboxx at. Towson University's Admissions office brought hashtag printing to their campus orientation events and saw great success with student engagement on social media. Students and their families posed with signs in front of a black and yellow backdrop to create the perfect campus photo-op. 


College Sporting Events

Bring hashtag printing to college games for a fun way to increase fan engagement. University of Washington uses Photoboxx for events throughout their athletic department, including basketball games and 'Dawg' fan events. Oklahoma State uses Photoboxx for a variety of events including intramural sports games and football games. 

Student Union Building

What better way to capture the daily ins and outs of student life than by encouraging engagement in of the most widely trafficked buildings on campus? Kansas State University set up their Photoboxx in the campus student union building to encourage the high number of students who frequent the area to engage on social media. 

Sorority and Fraternity events

Sororities and Fraternities are known social media fanatics. Leverage this marketing tool by encouraging members to tag the official accounts and use the custom hashtag to curate a gallery of photos from the event.  Alpha Xi Delta fraternity used Photoboxx for a national alumni event in Chicago. The event hosted Apha Xi Delta from all over the country for the annual conference. 

Graduation Ceremonies

College graduation ceremonies are a milestone event for both students and their families. You can expect that the cameras will be out documenting the entire experience. Gonzaga University, Minot State, Idaho State University, Notre Dame, Univesity of Texas, University of Oklahoma and many others used Photoboxx at their graduation ceremonies. Many of which created the perfect photo-op location with props and signs to pose with. Checkout the 500+ graduation photos here: #minotstate18

Photoboxx provides an all in one approach for event engagement.  Not only does hashtag printing encourage students to engage at the event, but it also creates user generated content about your school that will be seen by prospective students and parents. Reach out for your quote today: photoboxx.me.

Idaho State University Commencement


Idaho State University | Photoboxx Rental

Idaho State University rented Photoboxx for their commencement ceremony in May. The three hour ceremony saw over 400 posts of graduate's photos with friends and family from the special day. The event hashtag #isugrads has reached a wide audience on social media and is now perfectly curated with the school colors and graduation outfits.

930 k+

Brand Impressions



503 k+

People Reached


Tagged Photos

Bai Marketing Strategy: Marketing to Millennials

Millennials are an unprecedented crowd. Traditional marketing tactics such as commercials, radio and newspaper ads don’t have the same advertising effects as they did on previous generations. Unlike their predecessors, millennials are especially great at tuning out ads, a term coined as “ad fatigue”, which has made it challenging to target millenials with traditional marketing strategies. The challege has provoked some very creative innovations in the marketing world in the past few years, including one of the most successful tactics: Experiential Marketing.

Eight-year-old beverage company, Bai has seen phenomenal growth in both brand awareness and consumers who have tried their products in the past few years, thanks to a very proactive marketing strategy. Last year, Bai invested over $40 million in advertising and saw a 150% in growth annually. [Forbes] This year, Bai has emphasized experiential marketing as one of their primary advertising strategies, which has shown to be especially effective in marketing to millennials. Bai owns four Photoboxx printers that are used for city activations throughout New York City, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Chicago and they use Socialdrip to track analytics from events.

Bai brand ambassadors aka "street teams" chat up passerbys and encourage engagement by inviting them to check out the activation and grab free drinks. They set up full photodrop backgrounds with props and tons of Bai beverages to pose with. People snap a photo with their chosen Bai flavor and post to Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #flavorlife or the specific city hashtag such as #DrinkBaiChi. Participant's photos are printed and branded with the Bai logo instantly with Photoboxx and are ready to take home. The hashtags used at the activations are curated with bright, colorful fruit-filled photos of smiling people holding Bai drinks. Bai has taken the brand activations to music festivals, marathons, charity events, wineries, conventions, and breweries each with their own perfectly curated backdrop and props that match the theme of the event.

The Socialdrip analytic results from the city activations are outstanding. From the 30+ Bai city activations that have taken place thus far, a total of 1,370 photos have been posted from various events around the four cities. So far, the event hashtags have seen over 1.6 million impressions as well as 1.3 million in reach and this number is expected to increase exponentially.


The experiential marketing activations have taken Bai from merely another flavored water company to a brand that promotes health, wellness and fun. Bai goes beyond selling their product by creating a very clear brand for the company; a brand that signifies having fun, being bold and being yourself. It's not just about the tasty fruit flavored drinks, it's about the purpose of the brand. I'd say we can all learn a little something from Bai and we can't wait to see what the future holds for this audacious company.

Geico Phi Theta Kappa Event

PTK Catalyst.jpg

Kansas City Convention Center | Photoboxx Rental | Mosaic Rental

Geico was an executive sponsor for the annual Phi Theta Kappa Catalyst convention. This year's event celebrated the Phi Theta Kappa 100th anniversary. Geico rented Photoboxx to boost awareness about Geico's discounted rate for Phi Theta Kappa members. Live Mosaic ran on multiple screens during the event and populated as photos were posted on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtags: ptkmemberdiscount or #ptkpartypics. Check out the results below:

3.9 m

Brand Impressions



709 k+

People Reached


Tagged Photos

Hashtag Printing: The Next Big Thing for Church Marketing

Few things are more effective at building a community within a church than hosting a fun attraction that gets members involved at the service. What better way to cultivate this relationship then to incorporate the leading hashtag printer, Photoboxx at your next service event.

We recently spoke with Isaiah Paine, Creative Director at True Hope Church about their recent Easter weekend service with Photoboxx. He had a few reasons why incorporating a hashtag printer at their services was the perfect way to create a family-focused atmosphere and add value to the whirlwind day. 800+ people frequented the church between the multiple services held throughout the weekend. Paine says “Photoboxx added a unique ‘cool factor’ that created a novelty at the services” as well as a place for attendees to gather and get involved. Church goers took a minute to snap a quick photo with friends and family in front of the beautiful turf and flower covered Easter wall and took home a customized Easter themed print-out to remember the holiday by. "Families got to share a photo together and take a keepsake" says Paine. Photoboxx is a simple way to capture moments during the event, as well as spread awareness about True Hope Church community across social media in a fun and unique way.

Photoboxx acts as an effective social media marketing tool for church brand awareness. The photos that church-goers post to social media and tag their friends and family in spread the word about the church's mission and opens doors to growth in members and ministry. The post event analytics reveal how well the True Hope Easter event performed on Instagram and Twitter. Of the 75 photos that were posted during Easter Sunday, the event hashtag: #easterattruehope was seen by over ten thousand users. Paine says the official @truehopechurch Instagram account also saw a significant increase in number of followers post event, as an added bonus.


Numerous churches, including Taylor's First Baptist Church, Stadia Church Planting and Life Center have had success with the addition of Photoboxx at retreats, conferences, weekend camps, holiday celebrations and services resulting in millions of brand impressions and engagement. Photoboxx is both fun for users and an effective marketing tool to spread awareness about your organization. 

The user generated content creates an authentic voice of the church community and their mission. Photoboxx is a fantastic way to spread the word about the church, create opportunities for discussion and promote invitations to "come visit our church next Sunday!" Mother's Day is fast approaching and many church organizations have already booked their rentals. Reach out for your quote today at: photoboxx.me/contact

5 Reasons Why Colleges are Switching from Photo Booths to Hashtag Printers

Forget the photo booth for this year’s campus activities. Colleges are raving about the next generation of photo booth: The Hashtag Printer. Here are five reasons why you should bring a hashtag printer instead of a photo booth at your next campus event:


1. College Students Love Social Media.

Social media is especially popular in the college demographic. The millennial generation is all about tweeting, posting and liking photos on social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter. Why not leverage this powerful marketing tool that students are already using by incorporating Photoboxx at your next campus event. Not only does hashtag printing encourage students to engage at the event, but it also creates user generated content about your school that will be seen by prospective students and parents. Which brings us to our next point…

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 11.49.21 AM.png

2. Event Analytics are Trackable

User generated content created at campus events provides value across a number of marketing strategies including social media activity, driving on-site engagement at events, providing brand content for other marketing campaigns, and influencing sales. Socialdrip, our proprietary software generates reports on ROI, organic reach, impressions and your top influencers from campus activity.  Students capture event content from the source and market to their circles. Photoboxx allows colleges to effectively leverage this invaluable content and sharing activity.


3. Hashtags are Hot

#Millenials #love #hashtags. Curate a gallery of fun photos taken from your campus event by creating a unique hashtag that students can reference to find their photos after the event. And with Instagram’s new feature that allows users to follow hashtags, the reach of student’s photos is even more expansive. Anyone can see all the photos posted during or after the event by searching for the hashtag on Instagram or Twitter, so anyone who missed out on attending can still catch all the action in real time! Want to see a few examples? Check out Towson University's Admissions tag #readyturoar or University of Wisconsin Alumni Association's tag #alumnipark.


4. Hashtag Printers Cover the Entire Event

With the addition of Photoboxx, students no longer have to leave the party to wait their turn to squeeze themselves and friends into a photo booth. 🙌🏼Attendees can quickly snap a photo from anywhere and instantly pick up their branded printout. Every attendee has their own camera and can take photos from anywhere at the event! Prints are easily customizable and there are endless options for artwork.


5. Hashtag Printers are Mobile, Simple and Easy-to-Use

Photoboxx has a very small foot print. Thanks to the simple set up process and user friendly software, we are able to ship Photoboxx anywhere around the world for any size event. A Photoboxx will typically be delivered to you a few days before your event and sets up in less than 5 minutes. Once your event is over, stick a return label on the case and UPS will pick it up from your location.