8 Ways to Customize Your QR Code Photo Booth

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July 11, 2023
January 5, 2023

When you are looking for a unique way to entertain your guests, a virtual photo booth is the perfect solution! These booths allow your guests to take photos and videos that they can share online. They are also a great way to commemorate any special events. 

However, not all virtual photo booths are created equal. If you want to get the most out of your booth, why not implement a custom virtual photo booth? In this blog post, we will discuss some ways that you can do just that!

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1. Adding a logo or watermark

One way to customize your virtual photo booth is by adding a logo or watermark to all of the photos and videos that are taken in the booth. This will help to promote your business or event.

With the assistance of a virtual photo booth software, one can simply upload their logo or watermark file to the online photo booth. This will ensure that all of the photos taken in the photo booth will have your logo or watermark on them.

Adding a logo or watermark to your virtual photo booth is a great way to add a personal touch and make it more professional. 

Ideas for logos that can be added are a company’s website address, the hosts contact information, online social handles, or a decorated logo created by your team. With a few simple steps, you can take your virtual photo booth from bland to brand in no time!

2. Change the Background

A fun way to add some excitement to your next virtual party is to set up a photo booth. And another way to customize your virtual photo booth is to change the background. The best part is that you can customize it to match the theme of your event!

There are a multitude of ways to go about this idea, creating the most idealistic photos for your virtual events or meetings. 

For starters, a green screen can be a useful tool for changing a background. This method requires no change in the virtual photo booth software. Simply set the screen up behind guests and pick a background that would best suit your event. 

Selecting a new background can be as easy as picking an image provided via image library or uploaded on one's own.

A second way to change the background is by uploading pre-made backgrounds to the virtual photo booth software. This allows less from the guests and more from the event planners. So whether you're looking to create a festive holiday scene or turn your living room into a disco as the host, the possibilities are endless! 

Lastly, there is the use of ai background removal. Customizing the background is not limited to adding flourishes behind you, it can also be for removing unwanted scenery. 

Using an ai background removal tool can help in creating a professional setting for every guest allowing them to feel comfortable in using a virtual photo booth during a virtual event. 

Virtual backgrounds are made and attendees can take pride in their user-generated content. With a little creativity, your virtual photo booth will be the hit of the party.

3. Add props

Virtual photo booths often come with a variety of props that you can use to dress up your photos. For example, you may be able to add hats, glasses, or wigs to your photos without needing to expend budget on the physical prop. You can also add text bubbles or other graphics to your photos.

You can also customize your photo booth to match the theme of your party. For example, if you're throwing a beach-themed bash, consider adding some inflatable beach balls or palm trees. Or for a more formal affair, you might want to include some virtual props that match the decor of your event space such as name tags or business cards. 

No matter what theme you choose, by adding a few props to your virtual photo booth, you can ensure that your guests have a perfect picture-perfect experience.

4. Use a Custom Frame

Another way to customize your virtual photo booth is to use a custom frame. This can be done by simply selecting a new frame from the photo booth software. You can either select a frame from the software’s library or upload your own frame.

With a custom frame, you can choose the colors, layout, and size of your frame to match your event theme. You can also add text, logos, or other graphics to personalize your frame. Adding a border or frame around an entire image makes it stand out even more. Plus, they're a great way to promote your brand or event. 

If you're looking for a unique way to customize your virtual photo booth, consider using a custom frame.

5. Adding Special Effects

An additional way to customize a virtual photo booth is by adding special effects to the photos and videos that are taken in the virtual booth. This will add an extra level of excitement and fun to your guests' experience

With the wide range of special effects available, you can really customize the experience to match your event's theme. For example, if you're hosting a Halloween party, you could use special effects to turn your guests into ghosts or zombies. Or if you're throwing a beach-themed bash, you could add a tropical backdrop and some ripple effects to make it feel like a day at the beach. 

Whatever your event's theme, there's sure to be a virtual photo booth special effect that will fit right in. So go ahead and get creative - your guests are sure to enjoy the results.

6. Creating an Online Gallery

Woman holding Iphone with an online gallery of photos on the phone

One way to customize your virtual photo booth is by creating an online gallery for your guests to view and share their photos and videos. Creating an online gallery is a great way to display your virtual photo booth images. You can create a custom URL for your gallery, which you can then share with your guests. 

One way this can happen is by creating a virtual photo booth that would be implemented in online corporate events. This online photo booth would have a qr code linked to the gallery or custom URL. 

Another example of an online gallery being a great way to customize your photo booth is creating or utilizing a virtual photo booth app. This app would hold and display the photos from virtual events. This will allow your guests to access their photos and videos from anywhere in the world or from different online events.

7. Different Modes of Media

Now that everyone is spending more time at home, virtual photo booths have become a popular way to add some fun and excitement to online gatherings or virtual corporate events. Luckily, there are a variety of options available to customize your virtual photo booth experience. 

A virtual photobooth can be programmed to present different media options. For example traditional photos, videos, boomerangs, or filtered photos can be presented as options at a virtual booth. All of these options can be customized and fine tuned to your events needs. 

Some have even opted for a live photographer or use a pre-recorded video. And if you want to add a personal touch, you can even create custom messages that will be superimposed over your photos or videos. 

With so many options available, you're sure to find the perfect way to make your virtual photo booth experience one to remember. 

8. Exporting Your Photos in High Resolution

The way in which a virtual booth works allows guests to view and share their photos. One way to make your virtual photo booth more custom is by having the software present the choice of high-resolution photos. 

When you export your photos from the photo booth software, you will have the option to export them in high resolution. This means that the photos will be of a higher quality and will be suitable for printing.

Whether you're running a virtual photo booth for a corporate event or a private party, it's important to make sure that your photos are high-resolution. That way, you can customize your photo booth to fit your branding or event theme, and your guests will be able to print out their photos in the best quality leaving a quality virtual event experience. 

To export your photos in high resolution, simply go to the settings in your photo booth software and select "high resolution." Once you've done that, your photos will be exported in the highest possible quality - typically 200 dpi or more. 

So whether you're looking to add a personal touch to your virtual photo booth or just want to make sure that your guests can print out their photos in the best quality, exporting your photos in high resolution is the way to go.


Through this blog post, corporations or hosts can try out these eight tips to customize their virtual photo booths and make it more personal for guests all while creating a fun and unique experience for anyone’s next event!

With props, backgrounds, frames, effects, and more each guest will take pride in their photo mosaic that they can share and enjoy.

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