City Tourism & Hospitality

I think that Photoboxx can help elevate an event. It is a creative spin on just a boring photobooth. The possibilites are endless.


Lucy McMahon
Sales and Events | TCMA
City Tourism & Hospitality

Organic reach for your city tourism marketing events

Customizable photo & social engagement experiences for your city tourism marketing events
Join over 100 satisfied city tourism and hospitality companies using Photoboxx.

Great organizations use Photoboxx to engage with customers on a whole new level for tourism marketing events.

Great organizations use Photoboxx to engage with customers on a whole new level for tourism marketing events.
City Tourism & Hospitality

Enhance your City Tourism Marketing Activations

See why city tourism marketing companies and hospitality companies are partnering with Photoboxx. Perfect for events of all sizes to provide a unique and remarkable experience for your customers.
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Conferences and Expos
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Local Interest Events and Fairs
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Concerts and Conventions
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Social Enterprise and Charity Events
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Enhance Your City Tourism Marketing Experiences with Photoboxx

Tourism marketing is a vital aspect of attracting visitors and boosting your city's economy. By promoting local events and attractions, you can showcase your city's unique culture and experiences. Photoboxx offers unique features that can amplify the reach and impact of various events. Let's dive into the types of events Photoboxx excels at and how it can elevate your city's tourism marketing.

Boosting Conferences and Expos with Photoboxx

Tourism marketing often involves promoting conferences and expos, which can bring in a significant number of visitors. Photoboxx can help enhance these events by providing a seamless and engaging photo-sharing experience. Attendees can take photos, share them on social media with the event's hashtag, and print them instantly at a Photoboxx station. This not only creates lasting memories but also extends the event's reach on social media, increasing its visibility and attracting future attendees.

Amplifying Local Interest Events and Fairs with Photoboxx

Local events and fairs are perfect opportunities to showcase your city's unique culture and attractions. Photoboxx can further enhance these events by encouraging visitors to share their experiences on social media. The platform's user-friendly interface allows attendees to print high-quality photos with custom event branding. This encourages social media sharing and word-of-mouth marketing, helping to increase awareness of your city's events and attractions.

Making Concerts and Conventions More Memorable with Photoboxx

Concerts and conventions attract a diverse range of visitors, making them ideal for tourism marketing. Photoboxx can add a unique touch to these events by providing attendees with branded, high-quality prints of their favorite moments. This tangible takeaway helps to create a lasting impression of the event and your city, encouraging visitors to return and share their experiences with friends and family.

Supporting Social Enterprise and Charity Events with Photoboxx

Photoboxx's unique features make it an excellent addition to social enterprise and charity events. By offering an interactive and engaging photo-sharing experience, the platform can help raise awareness of your cause and encourage greater participation. With Photoboxx, you can create custom event branding that resonates with your audience and promote your organization's mission, helping to drive donations and support.

Photoboxx is a valuable tool for enhancing your city's tourism marketing efforts. Its innovative features make it the perfect addition to conferences, expos, local interest events, concerts, conventions, and social enterprise and charity events. By providing an engaging, interactive, and memorable experience for attendees, Photoboxx can help amplify your city's appeal and attract more visitors in the long run.


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