Introducing Virtual Booth: A COVID-Safe Photo Booth

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June 15, 2022
September 15, 2021
We’ve all had to get creative and adjust a lot of our typical day-to-day activities probably a million times over the past year.

By now, it may be tough to imagine doing some of your favorite pre-pandemic activities, like going to events, concerts and parties. Despite the ongoing pandemic, you can still enjoy the season and bring a fun, covid-safe activity to your next event.

Introducing Virtual Booth

Our latest feature release, Photoboxx Virtual Booth has been a hit at events all across the country since our release because we’re able to provide an exciting and unique activity that prioritizes the safety of attendees. Photoboxx Virtual Booth is a COVID-safe photo booth that allows attendees to print their photos from anywhere at the event. You never have to wait in a long traditional photo booth line again.

How Does Virtual Booth Work?

Virtual Booth is a COVID-19 safe activity that makes it easy to keep contact at a minimum. Here is how it works!

  1. Attendees simply scan a QR code with their mobile device
  2. They they snap or upload a photo right from their own phone
  3. Then a nearby Photoboxx will instantly print their photos
Photoboxx Virtual Booth allows attendees to take their own photos and print them from anywhere at the event without needing to download any apps or post to social media.

QR Code Photo Booth - Driven by the browser

A custom event link and QR code is also generated when you create the event, which can be pulled up on a phone in seconds. Share the link to your email audience and your social media platforms before the event to let attendees know beforehand that live printing will be available. Attendees can upload a few of their favorite photos and instantly print them from Photoboxx. You have full control over the design and layout of your virtual booth micro-site. Take advantage of our intuitive brand design settings to create an awesome booth experience that matches your prints, brand, and campaign.

Photoboxx Users are Changing the Game

Photoboxx users are getting creative with ways to engage their audience, while still maintaining safety precautions and social distancing. Purdue created an unforgettable experience for incoming students by incorporating Virtual Booth into their Boiler Gold Rush Welcome Week events on campus. Students stopped by the Photoboxx printer and picked up their Gold Rush branded prints to take home their custom keepsake. Virtual Booth was a hit on campus during Boiler Gold Rush— over 700 students printed 1,700+ photos throughout the week. 🙌

Recently, the University of Rhode Island Admissions team used Photoboxx’s new Virtual Booth mode to make it even more simple for students and their families to quickly snap and print their campus tour photos. Chris from the Office of Student Involvement said they had a great experience incorporating Virtual Booth for this year’s Campus Tours.

We’re all doing whatever it takes to host fun and safe events and activities for attendees to enjoy throughout the pandemic. Don’t wait to book your own social distancing photo booth for your next event.

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