The University of Rhode Island used Virtual Booth to power their Summer Campus Tours

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“If I had to pinpoint anything, it is the ease of use from our visitors' side of the equation. Not having to download an app or utilize social media to access the printer is way easier and makes buy in and applicability skyrocket. We have had TONS more people using Photoboxx since we made the switch. Web/cloud based apps versus downloading apps is such a smoother experience for a world weary of adding new things to their phones I think. Your team is crushing it!”
Chris R.
Office of Student Involvement

A Unique College Admissions Event

University of Rhode Island’s Summer Campus Tours are some of the most anticipated events of the year for many. Campus is buzzing with prospective students ready to begin their college journeys and get a first glimpse of university life.

Prospective students spend the summer before college checking out potential schools and the Rhody Admissions team welcomed them with open arms. They host a series of guided tours to get the fun started and give students a chance to experience campus life first hand. As students begin their tours around campus, they’re bound to have their phones out, taking photos with their families throughout their visit. The admissions team has incorporated the Photoboxx Photobooth Printer into their Summer Campus tours events for the past few years as a way for prospective students and their families to instantly print their photos during their time on campus.

O-Week Photoboxx Photobooth Printer Prints

Virtual Booth for College Admissions

This year, University of Rhode Island used Photoboxx’s new Virtual Booth, to make it even more simple for students and their families to quickly snap and print their campus tour photos. Here's how it worked:

  1. Visitors simply scanned a QR code with their mobile device
  2. Then they followed the virtual booth experience and snapped a photo
  3. Then a nearby Photoboxx instantly printed their photos!

The Photoboxx Virtual Booth allows attendees to take their own photos and print them from anywhere on campus without needing to download any apps. The University of Rhode Island created a custom event link that could be pulled up on a phone in seconds. Simply upload a few of your favorite photos and instantly print them from Photoboxx. Students stopped by the Photoboxx printer and picked up their O-Week branded prints to take home their custom keepsake.

Photoboxx Virtual Booth was the perfect addition to an already very cool College Admissions Event — no waiting in the endless photo booth line needed. Students can quickly snap a photo from anywhere and instantly pick up their branded printout. Every attendee has their own camera and can take photos from anywhere at the event. No special apps are needed and there’s no concern of privacy settings to overcome. Prints are easily customizable and there are endless options for artwork.

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