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We’re in the business of promoting conversations and capturing memories, so we were excited to be a part of That Church Conference. That Church Conference is an annual event focused on giving digital communicators the tools necessary to tell the best story their church has to tell.  Photoboxx partnered with That Church Conference to give attendees printed photos of their Instagram and Twitter posts during the two-day event.

One of the most effective ways to nourish growth in your church is by creating an environment that creates loyal members that are proud to be a part of the community. Content Marketing and Social Strategy Consultant, Kenny Jahng spoke on this topic at That Church Conference and had a few valuable takeaways on how best to create this environment.

Jahng saw how hashtag printing fits directly in line with his tactics to building a strong community within the church. First, make excuses to connect personally with your audience. “You need to be strategic if you want to deepen a relationship, you need some excuse to demonstrate your relevance and that you have something in common with them.” says Jahng. He mentions, “One of the easiest ways [to do this] is to take selfies to reinforce connections.”

Photoboxx monitors hashtags on Instagram and Twitter and automatically prints photos that are posted using the official event tag. This gives your attendees a reason to post a photo from the event and interact with your church accounts on social media. Jahng says, “It’s an excuse to follow-up. Walt [Photoboxx Church & Ministry Specialist] came up to me and said ‘Hey excuse me, here’s your photo..’, it’s a great conversation starter”.

With over 500 printed photos from the conference hashtag #thatcc, Photoboxx was able to create 1.1 million impressions on Instagram and Twitter. Check out the full event analytics below and browse the #thatcc hashtag on Instagram for a recap.

Photoboxx is a powerful addition to Sunday services and large holiday events. “You can look at the photos today and see how great the device is that you can actually use as a follow-up conversation piece”. Reach out for a quote to enhance your next event.

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