Syneos Health World Cancer Day Digital Mosaic

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Syneos Health creates a custom digital display on their website to promote World Cancer Day

Every year on February 4th, World Cancer Day empowers hundreds of thousands of people across the world to show support and raise awareness about cancer in a positive and inspiring way. The international day provides a space where anyone can share their story by simply tagging the worldwide hashtag #worldcancerday in their posts.

Syneos Health's Collaborative Online Initiative

Syneos Health created an online initiative to highlight #WorldCancerDay to help spread awareness and bring light to the very important day. Here's how they were able to promote World Cancer Day by including their team members.

  1. Employees posted and shared about how they are involved in the initiative and what they are doing in the field of diagnosis by using the hashtag #MyWorkMatters & #WorldCancerDay on Instagram and Twitter.
  2. Syneos Health reached out to our team to assist with creating a custom digital display that they could display on the home page of their website that highlighted all of the posts from the #WorldCancerDay hashtag for the beginning of February.
  3. They were encouraged to participate in the live-updated image that slowly revealed a hidden background as employees posted to Instagram or Twitter.
  4. Users’ photos were featured on screen simultaneously while the overall image slowly built in the background.

Creating a Digital Display that featured posts from the robust hashtag did come with one major challenge. The hashtag itself has over 200,000+ posts, much of which were posted on World Cancer Day which can typically be more engagement than most systems can handle. What sets Live Display apart is supporting software, Photoboxx’s ability to handle the large amount of posts in a short period of time. The hashtag averaged over 5,000 posts per hour and Photoboxx was able to populate and feature those posts into the live mosaic with ease. Check out the full analytic recap below:

Digital Mosaic was a great addition to Syneos Health’s World Cancer Day initiative thanks to its ability to create a user generated buzz around the international day as well as give employees an incentive to post about their involvement in cancer research and care.

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