Prestonwood Baptist Church Students

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Photoboxx Thrives at Youth Church Events

Teens. Young Adults. Generation Z.

There is a seemingly large gap between this generation and older ones and many organizations are at a loss with how to get this tech-focused group involved + engaged at youth events. One of the most effective ways to get students involved has been to incorporate #hashtagprinting with creative backdrops and props to create the perfect photo-op for students.

Prestonwood Students recently held Freedom Weekend 2K19, an event focused on getting high school aged students involved in the church.

Here's how their event worked:

  1. They placed their hashtag printing setup in a busy area in the church’s lobby.
  2. Students were able to easily jump in and snap a few photos in front of the backdrop with a few “freedom weekend’ props.
  3. Photoboxx thrilled students by providing them with a keepsake print of their social media photos.

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