MVP Interactive brought Photoboxx to RedSkins Draft Day

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Washington Redskins Draft Fest 2018

Creating a fully immersive brand experience has become more important than ever. Why? Because this generation has a keen eye for great brand experience and expectations are higher than ever. Brands must be constantly innovating to stay ahead of the curve and to stand out in the crowd. Planning creative marketing strategies is crucial in order to to achieve a high level of engagement and create a lasting impression on the brand's target audience.

Consumer engagement technology company, MVP Interactive's primary focus is to connect brands with their target audience through innovative marketing strategies. MVP works with big brands like MLB, NFL, Coca Cola, Bud Light, Courtyard Marriott, JBL and Red Bull to take their marketing tactics from traditional to experiential. They use custom software, augmented reality, virtual reality technology and work with the latest event-based technology companies to achieve high levels of engagement at events.

Organic Social Media Reach with Photoboxx

MVP purchased Photoboxx to extend the digital reach of the event by encouraging users to tag the sponsored accounts and use the official event hashtag.

Here's how it worked:

  1. Redskins Draft Day attendees were instructed to tag #skinsdraftfest on Instagram and Twitter during the event.
  2. Photoboxx live printed all photos posted to the official event hashtag.
  3. Photoboxx software tracked event social media data to provide in depth analytics of Instagram and Twitter reach, impressions and more that can be easily measured.  

The brand experience featured several interactive games including a virtual field goal kick, photo filters via tablets, Redskins players signed autographs and snapped photos with fans. The event included a virtual reality experience powered by Oculus Rift. The Oculus Rift goggles were attached to a Redskins helmet that allowed users to experience a Redskins player's prospective on the field during game day. Attendees were encouraged to tag the Redskins account and include #skinsdraftfest in their post to receive a free printout of their photo from Photoboxx.

Analytics show that the 245 photos posted during the hashtag created over 700k impressions and reached over 275k accounts on Instagram and Twitter. Encouraging attendees to post photos during the event extends the social media reach that will create a lasting impression long after the event is over.  

MVP Interactive has fine tuned the experiential marketing activation experience to meld marketing strategy with fun. Photoboxx was a natural addition to MVP's strategy thanks to it's ability to promote engagement, track analytics and provide incentives to enhance the brand experience even further.

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