Colorado State University's Innovative Approach with Photoboxx

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A Unique use of Photoboxx on Campus

In the heart of Fort Collins, Colorado State University (CSU) is pioneering a unique approach to capturing and sharing memories on campus. The Lory Student Center, a central hub for student activities and campus life, has taken the lead in implementing a system that allows various departments to rent their Photoboxx printers for their own events. It's a smart move for many reasons. Here's why:

A Model of Shared Resources

What sets CSU's approach apart is their model of shared resources. Understanding the value and the cost, the Lory Student Union department has developed a system that benefits the entire campus. By owning their printers, they offer other departments the opportunity to rent the Photoboxx for their own events. This not only makes the technology accessible campus-wide but also helps in recuperating the costs associated with owning Photoboxx.

Seamless Booking and Payment Process

Lory Student Center has recognized the need for efficiency and convenience, so they've streamlined the rental process through their dedicated websites for each printer. Each site includes information about the printer model, specifications, submitting arrtwork and rental guidelines. You can check out their rental pages for each Photoboxx model here and here. Departments interested in enhancing their event experience can easily access these sites to check availability, input their desired rental dates, and complete the payment process. This user-friendly approach ensures that the Photoboxx can be seamlessly integrated into any event planning process, without the hassle of lengthy booking procedures or complicated payment methods.

Benefits Beyond Just Photos

The impact of this initiative extends far beyond just providing a fun photo-op at events. By making the Photoboxx available campus-wide, CSU is promoting a culture of sharing and collaboration among different departments. It encourages a sense of unity and community engagement, as various groups on campus come together to create memorable experiences for their participants.

A Model Worth Emulating

Lory Student Center's innovative approach to utilizing and sharing Photoboxx technology is a testament to their commitment to enhancing the campus experience. It is a model that other universities can look to for inspiration. By investing in technology that not only elevates the event experience but also encourages a culture of sharing and collaboration, CSU is setting a new standard for campus engagement!

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