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June 23, 2022
September 5, 2019

Ways to Incorporate Partner Sponsorships

Hooray! You’re ready to plan your big event complete with live printing from Photoboxx, but now you’re also facing a dilemma: how can you incorporate sponsors into your activation? Partners love the opportunity to sponsor a photo activation that not only engages attendees at the event, but also engages them online expanding the sponsorship reach across social media.

Here’s a few simple, yet effective ways incorporate sponsors into your next Photoboxx event.

Co-brand with sponsors on promo materials.

Many Photoboxx users are getting partners/sponsors involved in their event by including their logo on a custom vinyl wrap, print graphics or handouts and banners.  We’ve also seen many brands co-brand their photo backdrop walls with their sponsor’s logo. This subtle, yet effective tactic is a great way to involve sponsors at Photoboxx events.

Give your attendees' an offer they can’t refuse.

Clients are using our custom perforated paper to transform their Photoboxx prints into tear off coupons. Attendees can still take home their Instagram and Twitter photos from the event, but can also get a great deal from your sponsor with the tear-off coupon.

Run Contest Mode to up the stakes at your event.

Running a contest or giveaway is a surefire way increase engagement with your attendees. Run a giveaway or promotion from the sponsor to encourage more users to tag their photos with the official handles or hashtags. Contest Mode will automatically enter all users who post their photos with the official @mention or #hashtag into the contest and will pick a random winner.  Pearson used the giveaway tactic to increase engagement at Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) in Orlando. Their clever use of #hashtagprinting paired with a few exciting giveaways helped draw a crowd at their booth and got attendees to engage with @pearsonprek12 on Instagram and Twitter. Those who tagged @pearsonprek12 & #edtechPearson on Instagram or Twitter were entered into a contest to win free prizes.

Include your partner’s social media handles into live printing.

Set up your Photoboxx event to live print photos that are tagged with you and your partner’s @mentions or official hashtags during the event. Sponsors know the value of brand engagement on social media.  Attendees mention the sponsor on Instagram and Twitter to their followers during the event, which creates a unique (and non-sponsored) voice that can help build trust for the sponsor. In addition, many brands see an influx of followers on social media after incorporating Photoboxx at an event.  

Giveaway sponsor’s swag.

Attendees love swag and walking away from an event with free stuff. As attendees stop by to grab their free prints, offer them free sponsored swag to take home too.

Incorporate Digital Display to further brand recognition.

Include your partners in Live Digital Display to further encourage user generated content at your event. Just add your partner’s logo/branding to the image and watch as Photoboxx automatically builds a live display that is sure to inspire attendees to engage with you and your sponsors on social media.

Promote your Photoboxx under your sponsor’s name.

Many brands are opting to call their Photoboxx activation the “Sponsor Name Photoboxx” as an effective way to involve sponsors in their event. The sponsor gets tons of  promotion as you promote Photoboxx on social media before, during and after the event.

Include your sponsor into your Photoboxx set up at the event.

Allow your partner to include their branding in the photo display and printing area at your event. Take it even further by creating a media station complete with phone chargers, lockers, snacks, and photo lounge branded by the sponsor.

Sponsorships are a great way to supplement the cost of a Photoboxx rental, lease or purchase. Try some of these unconventional ideas to creatively incorporate a partner(s) into your next Photoboxx event.

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