Introducing a New and Improved Photoboxx Mobile App

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June 16, 2022
April 29, 2020

New and Improved Photoboxx Mobile App

Photoboxx leverages one of the most powerful ways of communicating in this generation: social media. Our world is centered around capturing memories and sharing experiences in real time through social networking. Our clients average over 500k impressions on social media per event, which means when your audience posts to social and tags your brand, the influence can be exponential.

Our mobile app makes managing your Photoboxx events in real-time easier than ever by allowing users to have full control over their events. We've been hard at work making the mobile app far more user friendly while on-site at an event.

We’ve released a series of improvements and new features that make using the Photoboxx mobile app easier for everyone.

Easier to Create Events

creating an event on photoboxx mobile app

From the moment you open the app, you’ll notice the overall design and usability has been updated to be more user friendly. Here’s a full breakdown of all the new interface features that will streamline creating and managing your events on-site:

  • Create event workflow that matches the web app.
  • Improved event settings design and usability.
  • Feeds are now easier to add, change, or remove.
  • Print settings are now much more clear and easier to enable and adjust.
  • Now with the ability to set up Contest Mode from mobile.
  • Create and save event drafts.
  • Test your event setup.
  • Schedule events
  • View/manage all events on the mobile dashboard regardless of status (draft, testing, scheduled, or live).

Now Manage Live Displays from the Mobile App

Managing photoboxx event from mobile app

Before this update - users were only able to edit basic print settings and have only basic capabilities to manage their event. Now users have much more control over all aspects of an event much like on the web app, including the Live Displays.

  • NEW - Live Displays now available to be edited and/or enabled via the mobile app. Helpful for making quick changes to the mosaic or grid display on the fly.
  • NEW - Easily Show and Hide images on your display from the mobile app.

Face-ID is here!

Face-ID on Photoboxx Mobile app

I know we are late to the party here, but the Photoboxx mobile app now supports Face-ID and all other Biometric Authentication (i.g. Face-ID and Fingerprint/Touch-ID, etc). We streamlined this login flow to make things easier all around for our users.

Another big improvement we made is with an auto-authentication when navigating to the web app when already logged into the mobile app. There are some cases where users  still need to use the web app to take an action (authenticate social network, view event on web upload graphics, etc). Before, you had to log in again through the browser even though you had already logged in through the mobile app. We fixed that issue and now it takes you directly to the proper page by auto-logging you in!

The Photoboxx mobile app is an all-on-one solution to creating and managing your events in real time. The mobile app can drastically boost your social media presence by leveraging the power of attendee engagement. Download the Photoboxx app from the iOS and/or Google Play Store to take advantage of all these awesome features!

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