7 Proven Photo Booth Marketing Techniques to Increase Brand Awareness

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April 10, 2023

Are you looking for a way to increase your brand's visibility and build relationships with customers? It's an engaging, fun way to promote your products or services at events. Plus, it allows people to share their experiences on social media.

With these 7 proven techniques, you can take advantage of photo booths and create a memorable experience that will drive more sales and awareness for your business. From offering incentives to utilizing email marketing and leveraging influencers, learn how photo booth marketing can help give your brand the boost it needs today!

Leverage Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for event organizers looking to engage with their guests and create an unforgettable experience. By leveraging social media, you can promote your photo booth marketing campaign and increase brand awareness.

Leverage Social Media

Companies can use social media networks to create content that is attractive, shareable, and engaging for their target audience which allows them to reach a larger demographic of customers. Additionally, companies can track how often consumers interact with their brand and social media handles through engagement metrics such as likes, shares, and comments, giving them valuable insights on how to best improve their messaging strategy.

Offer Incentives

Offering incentives to your guests is a great way to encourage them to participate in your photo booth marketing campaign. By offering discounts or freebies for those who post their photos with the hashtag, you can increase engagement and reach more potential customers through your online marketing efforts.

For example, if you’re hosting an event at a college campus, offer discounted tickets or merchandise for students who post their photos with the hashtag. This will help create a win win situation for everyone involved while also creating buzz around social media.

You could also provide exclusive offers such as free drinks or snacks for those who share their photos online. This will make people feel special and motivate them to take part in your campaign while also helping you reach more people through word-of-mouth advertising.

Offer print and digital copies of photos

Offering both physical and digital copies of photos taken at your event is a great way to increase engagement. Providing customers with printouts of their photo booth photos gives them something tangible to take home from the event, creating a lasting memory that can be shared with friends and family. 

Offer print and digital copies of photos

Additionally, providing digital copies allows guests to easily share their photos on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook, increasing the reach of your event’s message.

Utilize Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to engage with your audience and promote your photo booth services. By creating an email campaign, you can reach out to potential leads and let them know about the exciting opportunities available at your event. You can also use emails to offer incentives for people who take photos in the booth or share their photos on social media.

Utilize Email Marketing

Include links in your emails that direct people back to the photo gallery of all the images taken at the event. This will allow guests to easily access their own pictures as well as those of others, which encourages sharing and further engagement with your brand.

Additionally, include information about any discounts or other incentives you may be offering for taking part in the photo booth experience – this could be anything from free prints of their favorite image, discounts on future events or even exclusive giveaways.

Use Custom Branding

When it comes to marketing, one of the most important aspects is audience engagement. Custom branding is a great way to stand out from the crowd while also creating an unforgettable experience for your guests. It allows your brand to showcase it's unique style and personality, while also creating a lasting impression on those attending the event. By using custom branding, you can make sure that all of the elements of your event marketing plan are cohesive and consistent with each other.

Leverage Influencer Marketing

In today’s world, advertising using Influencer marketing is a great way to reach a wider audience and boost brand exposure for events that feature photo booths. By partnering with social media influencers, you can create sponsored content or have them feature the photo booth at your event. This will help to increase awareness of your event and draw more people in.

For example, if you’re hosting an event at a college campus, find local influencers who are popular among students and invite them to take photos in the photo booth. You can also offer incentives such as free tickets or merchandise for their followers when they share pictures from the photo booth on their social media accounts. This will not only drive more traffic to your event but also create positive buzz around it.

You can also use influencer marketing to create sponsored content about your product or service before the event takes place. Ask influencers to post about it on their platforms so that potential attendees get excited about what’s coming up and start talking about it online. You could even give away promotional items like t-shirts or mugs featuring your logo as part of this campaign – something tangible that people can keep after attending the event.

Create a branded hashtag

Creating a branded hashtag for your photo booth is an effective way to encourage customers to share their photos on social media and increase brand visibility through social sharing. Hashtags are great for tracking conversations, connecting with potential customers, and building relationships with existing ones.

By creating a unique hashtag specifically for your event or company, you can easily monitor the conversation around it and track how many people are using it. This will help you get an idea of how successful your campaign is in terms of reach and engagement. Additionally, having a branded hashtag makes it easier for customers to find photos from your event or company when searching through social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter.

FAQs in Relation to Photo Booth Marketing

How do you market a photobooth?

One way to do this is by creating a social media campaign. Spend some time developing eye-catching posts that will draw people icon. Try out unique hashtags to get people talking about your event's photobooth and don't forget to share pictures of what it looks like too.

You could also consider spreading the word through traditional printed materials like posters and flyers. Utilize existing social networks like Facebook or Snapchat and get creative with geotagging options as well!

Finally, remember to collect contact information from guests after they've had their fun in the photobooth so you can send them personalized reminders when the event is getting closer. With all these techniques combined, you're sure to create an exciting buzz for your event's photobooth!

Do photo booths make money?

Yes, photo booths can make money. They are a great way to add an extra element of fun and engagement to any event, while also providing a source of income.

With the right setup and marketing strategy, businesses can generate significant revenue from using out their photo booth rental services for events such as weddings, corporate functions, birthday parties and more.

Additionally, companies may be able to sell prints or digital copies of photos taken at the event as well as offer custom branding options for clients looking to promote their brand. Rest-assured that the money you invest in this type of business will generate an income. 

Are photo booths in demand?

Yes, photo booths are in demand. People enjoy having a fun and unique way to capture memories at events like weddings, birthdays, graduations, corporate events and more. 

The photo booth business provides an opportunity for guests to take home tangible photos that can be shared with friends and family or kept as mementos of the event. Additionally, modern photo booths offer an interactive experience that encourages people to come together and create lasting memories.

In today’s digital age where most photos are taken on phones or tablets, physical prints from a wide array of photo booth options remain popular among all ages.


In conclusion, photo booth marketing is a great way to increase brand awareness and engage with your audience. By leveraging social media, offering incentives, providing print and digital copies of photos, utilizing email marketing, using custom branding, leveraging influencer marketing and creating a branded hashtag you can make sure that your event stands out from the crowd. With these proven techniques in place you can be sure that your next event will be one to remember!

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