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April 12, 2023
September 14, 2018

Homecoming Event Ideas

It’s that time of year again. One of the best weekends of any university academic year: Homecoming. A jam-packed weekend of tailgating, pep rallies, music, Alumni visits and tons of memories captured in photos.

Take homecoming weekend to the next level of fun and engagement by incorporating Photoboxx into campus events for the week. Curate images by encouraging students and Alumni to tag their homecoming photos with the hashtag of your choice, in order to receive free printouts of their Instagram and Twitter posts. Hashtag printing not only provides a fun element to homecoming weekend, but also gives prospective students an inside look at the life of students at your school.

Photoboxx has worked with 50+ colleges to bring hashtag printing to campuses for a variety of activities—from homecoming games and tailgating weekends to orientation events and graduation ceremonies. Binghamton University in New York state purchased Photoboxx this past summer to incorporate into school events happening throughout the year and student engagement is through the roof. They’ve brought Photoboxx to a few campus events including, Late Nite Glow Party and University Fest 2018 and yielded over 500+ student photos between the events, which generated 916,000+ impressions and a reach of over 334,000+ accounts. Check out their photos tagged with #lateniteglowparty & #ufest25.

Photoboxx is a natural addition to Homecoming Weekend due to its simple set up process and user friendly software. All event analytics are easily trackable through the Photoboxx app, so you can manage social media stats in one convenient place. Depaul University in Chicago, IL purchased Photoboxx to incorporate into campus events this year. They brought hashtag printing to Welcome Week and had outstanding engagement on social media. With over 250+ prints, Depaul University saw 359,000+ impressions and a reach of 124,000+ accounts. See more of their Welcome Week photos at #herewedo.

Photoboxx is perfect opportunity to incentivize students and alumni to post using official hashtags, as well as provide a memorable take home keepsake from the excitement-filled weekend. Universities have shown time and time again that hashtag printing drives event engagement and extends social media reach.

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