Feature Guide: Instruction Cards on Demand

Product Updates
June 23, 2022
February 26, 2020

Introducing Instruction Cards on Demand

The on demand feature works by printing step-by-step instruction cards that communicate how attendees can engage with you at the event to print their photos.

This valuable tool can boost engagement by quickly instructing attendees on exactly how to print Photoboxx photos during events.  

This feature has made it simpler than ever to promote engagement, as well as show attendees how to snap, tag, and print their event photos.

The print instruction cards on demand feature is great for that last minute event, where you didn’t have time to order signage materials, but still need grab and go cards to show attendees how to use Photoboxx. This feature is also ideal for smaller events that don’t necessarily need a full set of promo signage materials, yet could use a quick and streamlined way of instructing attendees during the event.  Simply print a set of instruction cards using the Photoboxx app and place them on tables or hand out cards to guests to help inspire more engagement at your event.

Photoboxx is all about taking ordinary experiences and making them remarkable and as always, the team is continuing to release new Photoboxx features that will streamline event operation behind the scenes, as well as elevate overall attendee experience. The instruction cards on demand feature is a powerful tool that can boost event engagement with a few quick taps in the Photoboxx app. If you haven’t given the feature a try yet, be sure to check out how to use the feature here.

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