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June 30, 2022
June 7, 2018

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One of the greatest challenges that churches often face is choosing a marketing strategy that feels authentic, fits your budget, and stays true to your mission. If the goal is to attract and retain new members into your congregation, how will you make a connection that leaves a lasting impression and connects with your target audience?  

Standing out in the current advertisement saturated market can be a daunting task. Elevate your marketing strategy and stand out from the crowd by playing up the strengths of your church. What makes your church unique? The daily ins and outs of your service, staff, community, relationships, retreats, holidays, trips, bbqs, volunteer work, that ultimately define your church. Posting ads and handing out brochures can certainly make a difference; however, it's everything that everyone in your community does that truly markets your church. Church marketing is a team effort and involves the collaborative efforts from everyone; staff, volunteers, and members to help spread the word. Promote engagement on social media during events throughout the year by incorporating leading hashtag printer, Photoboxx at your church.  

Photoboxx acts as an effective social media marketing tool for church brand awareness.

The photos that church-goers post to social media and tag their friends and family in spread the word about the church's mission and opens doors to growth in members and ministry. Photoboxx can promote engagement and enhance the community experience by bringing members together to snap a photo with friends and family. When attendees post to Instagram or Twitter using the specified event hashtag, a custom branded photo will print for users to take home.

True Hope Church recently used Photoboxx for their Mother's Day service. The post event Socialdrip analytics reveal that of the total photos that were posted to Instagram and Twitter during Mother's Day, the event hashtag: #truehopelovesmoms was seen by over fifty thousand users. Creative Director, Isaiah Paine says the official @truehopechurch Instagram account also saw a significant increase in number of followers post event, as an added bonus.

Photoboxx is a natural addition to any church marketing strategy.  Photoboxx is a simple way to capture moments during the event, as well as spread awareness about the True Hope Church community across social media in a fun and unique way.

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