7 Strategies to Drive Engagement at Your Photoboxx Event

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March 29, 2023
July 13, 2021

7 Strategies to Drive Engagement at Your Photoboxx Event

So you've picked a date and venue for your next event/conference/brand activation. Now it's time to spread the word and create a buzz-worthy experience that will get attendees RSVP'd, engaged and talking about the event long after it's over. Follow these steps to create an experience that connects your attendees to your organization and will ultimately drive engagement.

#1 Encourage Social Media Engagement

Hashtag printing is a sure fire way to get attendees posting about their experience at your event. Leading hashtag printer, Photoboxx encourages user generated content at your event that can boost engagement on social media, drive on-site engagement at events, as well as provide brand content that can be used for future marketing campaigns.

#2 Choose An Event Hashtag

It's time to choose an event hashtag that attendees can post to during the event. Choosing the right hashtag will promote attendees to tag your event on social media, which will create a collection of curated photos that can be easily referenced at any time. The perfect event hashtag can also create awareness of your organization and spark conversation with people that are not even attending the event.

#3 Blast on Social Media

Pull out your laptop and start creating social media content that will catch your target audience's attention during the weeks leading up to the event date. Create email campaigns, blog posts, videos, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook posts that catch your audience's attention and let them know the details of your upcoming event. During the weeks leading up to the event, share event related content on social media a couple times a week and slowly increase posts as you near the event date.

#4 Create Instructional Signage

Design and order photo backdrop walls, handout cards, table toppers, coasters, banners, ect that instruct attendees how to properly tag photos and use Photoboxx at your event. Design your promo material to catch your attendees' attention. Need help with the design and printing process? Reach out to our team to have us design and order your promo materials for you.

#5 Create a Photo-Worthy Experience

Take your event to the next level by cultivating an entirely Instagram-worthy experience for attendees. Create an activation with backdrop walls and props to draw a crowd and encourage photo-ops. Need a few examples to get the ideas flowing? Check out our Pinterest page with photos from successful Photoboxx events.

#6 Choose Your Photoboxx Location

Choosing a central location that isn't overly crowded can be a challenge. Finding the perfect location, however, is key to a successful activation. Choose an area that can be found and seen easily by your attendees. You do not want your users to be playing hide-and-seek with your activation. It should be easily recognizable and distinguishable among other booths and tables at your event.

#7 Don't Leave Your Photoboxx Activation Unattended

In order to get the most out of your event, don't leave your Photoboxx activation unattended. Choosing a few outgoing people who are willing to encourage guests to snap a few photos and get attendees involved is one of the most effective ways to promote Photoboxx during the event.

Photoboxx provides an all in one approach to event engagement before, during and after the event. Not only does hashtag printing encourage students to engage, but it's a great way for attendees' to get involved and have some fun. Reach out for your quote today: photoboxx.me.

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