5 Ways Universities Are Engaging With Alumni

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June 21, 2022
July 15, 2021

How to Increase Alumni Engagement

Haven't thought about using Photoboxx for alumni events? Think again.

Engaging alumni is one of the most challenging feats that many universities struggle with. As you know, alumni are a key part of the community at your university. They help boost your university’s reputation, fund donations and promote your school to prospective students and their families. Which is why every alumni event is more than just a meetup– it's a chance to leverage their power to benefit your school. Struggle no longer– here's how universities are using Photoboxx to engage their alumni and make a lasting impression at events.


Photoboxx sponsorships are a great way to incorporate partners or sponsors into your Alumni events. Partners love the opportunity to sponsor a photo activation that not only engages attendees at the event, but also engages them online expanding the sponsorship reach across social media. Extra bonus - the sponsorship costs can help supplement the Photoboxx rental or purchase! Here’s a few fun ways incorporate sponsors into your next Photoboxx event.

Try co-branding with sponsors.

Many universities are getting partners/sponsors involved in their event by including their logo on the custom vinyl wrap or Photoboxx print graphics. This a subtle, yet effective way to include sponsors in their alumni events.

Give your alumni an offer they can’t refuse.

Alumni Associations are using our custom perforated paper to transform their Photoboxx prints into tear off coupons. Attendees can still take home their Instagram and Twitter photos from the event, but can also get a great deal from your sponsor with the tear-off coupon.

Run Contest Mode to up the stakes at your event.

Running a contest or giveaway is a surefire way increase engagement with your alumni. Run a giveaway or promotion from the sponsor to encourage more alumni to tag their photos with the official handles or hashtags. Contest Mode will automatically enter all users who post their photos with the official @mention or chosen event hashtag into the contest and will pick a random winner.


Ready to level up your next tailgating event? Arizona Alumni Association brings Photoboxx to tons of tailgating events on campus each year for a fun interactive way to encourage attendees to post about the fun they’re having on social media. Add a branded backdrop wall for an easy way to encourage alumni to snap photos at post about your event on social.  


Homecoming is one of the most popular alumni events that Photoboxx is typically incorporated at, thanks to its ability to draw a crowd. Attendees are already taking photos at homecoming, encourage them to tag and follow your official accounts by bringing Photoboxx to your next homecoming event. University of Maryland Alumni Association brought Photoboxx to their homecoming and printed lots of #stayfearlessumd photos for attendees to take home.


As May rolls around each year,  graduating seniors start to feel both accomplished and excited for the future. Graduation is also a crucial opportunity for the universities to start working on building lifelong relationships with their brand new alumni. Bring Photoboxx to events leading up to the big day by to help encourage alumni-to-be to start interacting and following the official alumni accounts on social media. Encouraging these first connections can be a make it or break it chance to having a life long relationship with alumni after graduation.

Live Digital Displays

Cornell University boosted their 2019 Giving Day using Photoboxx & Live Digital Display as key tools. Photoboxx encouraged students on campus to post on social media to receive their free printed photo, while Live Display showcased posts from students & alumni all over the world. Photoboxx and Live Digital Display helped create a big impact at Cornell University both on campus and online.

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