10 Ways to Use Hashtag Printing on Campus

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June 30, 2022
May 17, 2018

10 Ways to Use Hashtag Printing on Campus

Take your student engagement to the next level by bringing hashtag printing to your college campus. Leading hashtag printer, Photoboxx is a natural addition to a wide variety of campus activities due to its mobility and easy set up. Curious about how to maximize the use of your hashtag printer? Check out ten of the most popular ways that colleges are using Photoboxx for campus events:

1. Prospective Student Tours

College tours are exciting for both prospective students and their families. You can expect to see countless photo-ops throughout the day. University of Oregon uses Photoboxx to print photos from Duck Days, the university's official student tour dates throughout the year. Prospective students post to Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #duckdays and their green and yellow branded photos are instantly printed for a unique take-home keepsake to document the fun-filled experience.

2. Freshman Orientation

Freshman orientation is another popular event that colleges are incorporating Photoboxx at. Towson University's Admissions office brought hashtag printing to their campus orientation events and saw great success with student engagement on social media. Students and their families posed with signs in front of a black and yellow backdrop to create the perfect campus photo-op.

3. Campus Concerts

University of Maryland and Syracuse University both used Photoboxx recently for campus concerts. University of Maryland recently held their 2018 Art Attack XXXV, which featured several hip hop shows throughout the day. Syracuse recently held their annual Mayfest, which celebrates the end of the school year. Syracuse set up a colorful backdrop wall for students take photos in front of. Check out photos from both event hashtags: #aa35 and #mayfest18.

4. College Sporting Events

Bring hashtag printing to college games for a fun way to increase fan engagement. University of Washington uses Photoboxx for events throughout their athletic department, including basketball games and 'Dawg' fan events. Oklahoma State uses Photoboxx for a variety of events including intramural sports games and football games.

5. Campus Hackathons

Keep attendees engaged at hackathons by providing entertainment at the event. University of Colorado holds their annual Hack CU hackathon every winter. The event hosts over 600 students and alumni for a 24-hour hacking marathon. This years Hack CU event saw over 300 posts from student's during the 24 hour event. Attendees posted to social media using the hashtag: #hackcu to receive their custom branded printout of their photos instantly from the event.

6. Student Union Building

What better way to capture the daily ins and outs of student life than by encouraging engagement in of the most widely trafficked buildings on campus? Kansas State University set up their Photoboxx in the campus student union building to encourage the high number of students who frequent the area to engage on social media.

7. Campus Conferences

Conferences are a necessity at most college campuses. Create a buzz around your campus conference by providing hashtag printing before and after the event. Georgetown University brought Photoboxx to their annual Women's Forum and saw 165+k impressions on Instagram and Twitter and a reach of 76k.

8. Sorority and Fraternity events

Sororities and Fraternities are known social media fanatics. Leverage this marketing tool by encouraging members to tag the official accounts and use the custom hashtag to curate a gallery of photos from the event.  Alpha Xi Delta fraternity used Photoboxx for a national alumni event in Chicago. The event hosted Apha Xi Delta from all over the country for the annual conference.

9. Award Ceremonies

Award ceremonies are another great way to utilize Photoboxx. University of Dayton brought Photoboxx to their annual Student Government Association end of the year ceremony. Students and faculty posted to Twitter using the hashtag: #udsga for a fun curation of ceremony photos as well as their individual print-outs of their pictures.

10. Graduation Ceremonies

College graduation ceremonies are a milestone event for both students and their families. You can expect that the cameras will be out documenting the entire experience. Gonzaga University, Minot State, Idaho State University, Notre Dame, University of Texas, University of Oklahoma and many others used Photoboxx at their graduation ceremonies. Many of which created the perfect photo-op location with props and signs to pose with. Checkout the 500+ graduation photos here: #minotstate18

Photoboxx provides an all in one approach for event engagement.  Not only does hashtag printing encourage students to engage at the event, but it also creates user generated content about your school that will be seen by prospective students and parents.

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