Photoboxx. For you.

Available for sale this week only!

Shipping late November


Ulta Fast Printer

Industry leading DNP620 commercial printer that produces HD 4"x6" prints in 8 seconds.

Rugged Portability

Commercial grade Pelican case on wheels. Custom engineered interior foam.

Powered by Socialdrip

Powered by the leading software in hashtag printing. It's hashtag printing & analytics in the cloud. Learn more here.

Mobile Controlled

Manage, view, and share access to your Photoboxx all remotely via a mobile device or computer.

Flexible Connectivity

Want a reliable ethernet connection? Maybe you like the freedom of wireless? We support it all.


Change the look or "brand" of your Photoboxx in minutes with our new quick vinyl wraps.


Only 2 left!

We are only selling 20. Don't be number 21.

This is the first time we've offered to sell Photoboxx printers, so we are limiting the quantity sold to 20. Our team has decided to do this so we can continue to offer a remarkable product and service to our clients. There are no future plans to sell more.

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Early Adopter Pricing

Sale ends in...

Offer ends Friday, October 20th, 2017 at 5PM PST

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*After your free 6 month Socialdrip subscription, you will have the option to cancel, change, or keep your plan. Plans start at $82/mo. Learn more here.




Does a Photoboxx purchase include a printer?

Yes! When you purchase a Photoboxx hashtag printer, it will be pre-installed with an onboard RaspberryPi computer, DNP DS620a Printer, wiring, and lighting. Plus, it will include a Pelican case with a custom interior foam to fit the entire Photoboxx, including the stand. Basically when you receive your Photoboxx, it will be "plug-and-play" right out of the box.

When should I expect my Photoboxx to be delivered?

All orders will be shipping late November, just in time for the holiday events! Plus, we are offering free shipping and a free box of print media with every purchase!

How much does a Photoboxx weigh?

A Photoboxx that is all packed up in it's hard shell waterproof case with wheels, the stand, a full roll of paper media, and accessories weighs about 90 lbs. This means that one person can easily handle transporting a Photoboxx between vehicles, airports, planes, etc. It's the ultimate traveling hashtag printer.


Do I have to pay for the Socialdrip software too?

Yes, a Socialdrip subscription is required to agregate social media posts and then print them. However, we're giving you a free 6 month subscription with a purchase of a Photoboxx. After the 6 months, you can purchase a month-to-month or annual plan with no contracts. Plans start at $82/mo. You can learn more about our proprietary Socialdrip software here.

Can I change the vinyl graphics on the Photoboxx?

Yes! Your purchase will include a custom vinyl wrap that we will work with you on to fit your brand. However, this can be changed anytime. The vinyl can easily be peeled off and a new vinyl can be applied over the Photoboxx in just a few minutes. We also can design/order new vinyl designs anytime for $100.

Where do I buy paper?

You can buy paper and ribbon (print media) directly through us, or you can purchase from other online retailers. A box of 800 prints costs about $100 ($.13 per print)

For further questions please email us at or call us at 1.888.609.2285