Blender is based in Spokane, WA and is one of the premier event based experiential activation companies in the world.  Our foundation was built on our proprietary hashtag printing product, Photoboxx, which has allowed us to work with some of the worlds largest brands including Coca-Cola, Harley Davidson, Facebook, Amazon, TeenVogue, and Microsoft. Blender has an inspiring work environment and we seek talented employees who are self-motivated, crave learning new skills, and aren't afraid to tackle big projects. Our two main products are Photoboxx and Socialdrip.

Current Openings

Operations Manager - Spokane WA

Role Profile

The Operations Manager is responsible for handling and overseeing all product maintenance and repairs. They get to oversee all incoming and outgoing shipments and prep all product for our clients.

Skills & Requirements

You're someone who consistently meets & exceeds goals. You love solving problems. As the Operations Manager, you will have a sharp focus on upcoming client events, and our inventory status. You will collaborate with other teams for support. The ideal candidate is someone who is organized, loves fixing and improving things, is comfortable with using tools, is a tinkerer, and is always trying to think of new/better ways to accomplish their goals.

  • Authenticity: You’re a solid person. We work together, we grind together, we travel together, ski together, sip beer together, and most importantly, we’ve got each others back.
  • Work ethic: You have a chance to write the script on how operations happen day to day. You have freedom to fail, think outside the box, and try new strategies - you will not be afraid to be creative, hustle, and work smart in order to make things happen.
  • Tech savviness: You’re efficient on a MacBook and can use tools and tech to its highest potential. You're familiar with lots of types of tools.
  • Desire to grow: You have a thirst to learn and be better every day, for yourself, for the team, and for our customers. You take time “off field” to learn and grow in your career.

Job Duties - (Day-to-Day)

You meet most (or all) of the following requirements:
  • Part time. Approximately 10-15 hours of work per week (2-3 hours M-F)
  • Shipping and receiving.
  • Create and maintaining efficient systems.
  • Supplies Management.
  • Fixing equipment (must be good with tools and have knowledge of tools)
  • Problem solving and coming up with efficient solutions.

Work Schedule & Benefits

  • Part time, $13/hr
  • Unlimited coordinated vacation
  • Comprehensive welcome package (Laptop, desk budget)
  • Office snacks, team lunches
  • Monthly book credit
  • Charity matching
  • Apple store business discount