New Photoboxx Purchase

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Photoboxx V7.png
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New Photoboxx Purchase

  • High Efficiency Photo Printer (3 year warranty)

  • Quad-Core CPU to Run Software

  • Built in LTE Connectivity

  • Photoboxx Pre-Wired Housing

  • Pedestal Stand

  • Custom Designed Vinyl Wrap

  • Shipping

  • 800 Prints Starter Kit (1 box of media - 2 rolls and 2 ribbons of paper)

With the purchase you will also access Photoboxx software and technical support through a Photoboxx Membership. The subscription is all inclusive for $199 per month and includes:

  • Software Access: Access to all software features and printing capabilities inside of our software. Unlimited events, unlimited team members, custom print designs, event recaps, analytic reports, digital display feeds, and more.

  • Tech Support: Live chat and email tech support available during your events.

  • LTE Connectivity: LTE built into the Photoboxx to allow a consistent connection when you are in service range. LTE service is active as long as your subscription to Photoboxx is active.

  • Warranty: As long your subscription is active, we will warranty every aspect of the Photoboxx (Printer, CPU, Housing, Accessories). Once subscription is cancelled, warranty will no longer be valid.

Receive 2 months free with an annual membership ($398 savings).

Traveling with your Photoboxx? Check out the Custom Travel Case to protect it in transit between your events.

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