Single Day Photoboxx Rental - NACA


Single Day Photoboxx Rental - NACA

from 1,400.00

Your rental will include:

  • Unlimited prints and paper

  • Shipping to the event and back to us after the event (we deliver to you 2 days before event starts so you can test out)

  • Custom branded prints (our team can design your prints for each event, or your team can design to our specs)

  • Analytics (we show you how many people used the hashtag, how many people were reached on social media, impressions, etc)

  • 24/7 Tech support throughout your events


Additional Options Explained:

HotSpot - A mobile hotspot included with your Photoboxx to ensure a consistent and reliable internet connection. If you are connecting to your own network, ensure it is not a browser secured network.

Digital Mosaic - Displays posts from Instagram and Twitter live at your event on any screen! See how at:

Custom Vinyl Wrap - Customize the outside of your Photoboxx to go right along with theme of your event!