We changed our name... sort of.

Five years ago, the brand Photoboxx was born and revolutionized the photo activation industry by making tagging photos experiential.

Back when it all started, Photoboxx was just an idea. An idea that challenged the status quo. An idea that said there must be a better way to share and print our photos. That idea quickly went from zero to one and became a product, which then turned into a company. In the beginning, Photoboxx as a company was simple. Photoboxx was a hashtag printer and also a company that sold hashtag printers. At the time, Photoboxx as a company name worked. Fast forward to today with our expansion of more products and the word Photoboxx has become a little confusing. Is Photoboxx a product? A company? Both? Technically the answer has been both. In the past few years we’ve learned a lot through failure and success. But one thing that has become clear is that we’re more than a hashtag printing company. We're more than Photoboxx. We’re an a experiential company. An experiential company that needs an identity. After about a year of research, debate, legal work and design. We're excited to announce that starting today our new company name is Blender! Blender is the new parent company to Photoboxx and all other products we launch. Blender will be the brand that encompasses our team. The brand that helps inspire engagement between consumers and some of the worlds largest brands like Facebook, Diesel, Acura, Coca-Cola, and Nike. Our mission is clear. Blender exists to create experiences that the brain won’t forget.

We started with turning Instagram posts into physical prints just by using a hashtag, but we believe this was just the beginning and we can’t wait for what’s next.

A couple questions I want to address…

What happens to the brand Photoboxx? Is Blender replacing Photoboxx? Photoboxx will still be the brand of our hashtag printers, this isn’t changing. Essentially everything is staying the same, but we are adding a layer above Photoboxx called Blender. Think of Blender as the parent company to Photoboxx and other brands/products we own such as Socialdrip and Live Mosaics. Just as Apple is the company that sells the iPhone and MacBook products. Blender is the company that will sell the Photoboxx and Socialdrip products.

Why Blender? Great question. And no, we’re not selling blenders (kitchen appliance). First off, we wanted a more generic name. A name that could act as an umbrella to everything we do today and everything we plan to do in the next 20 years. Secondly, the meaning of blender in a weird way makes sense for what we do. With Photoboxx we took a traditional concept and mixed it with several modern ideas (photo booth, physical printers, social media). We’ve blended several things to create a remarkable experience. Thirdly, it’s easy to remember. Lastly, we just like the sound of it :)