Tough Mudder


Can't resist the urge to take out your phone and snap a photo after that awesome workout you just had? You’re not alone! Whether we like it or not, social media is an integral part of workout culture. And more and more event coordinators are leveraging the draw of “the selfie” to expand their reach and create a tribe atmosphere around their brand.

Running and social media go hand in hand because the running community is both incredibly supportive and inclusive. Runners love competing against each other, yet also love being motivated by one another. Nation-wide endurance race series, Tough Mudder, has honed in on this phenomenon and by creating a brand that promotes working together to reach a [very challenging] goal. Tough Mudder has adapted the intense, military style workout into a fun and challenging race that pushes competitors to their limits and keeps participants coming back for more. It’s no mystery how they’ve created a cult-like following around their races, with brand loyalty like no other.

Tough Mudder has created a heavy focus on their social media marketing, by promoting shareable user-generated content from their events. They recently incorporated Photoboxx at the first race of the year in Los Angeles, California. Photoboxx was a natural addition to the pre and post race festivities due to its ability to provide an instant incentive for posting using the designated hashtags and accounts. Photoboxx leverages the draw of taking a post workout accomplishment selfie by turning it into marketable and trackable content for their brand.

Tough Mudder created the ideal environment to promote brand engagement and sharing on social media at the race. They brought in an oversized branded photo wall for participants to snap photos in front of, as well as designated brand ambassadors to encourage attendees to use Photoboxx and tag the official #TMLA19 hashtag. These small, yet powerful event details helped Tough Mudder generate close to half a million impressions on Instagram and Twitter from the LA race alone. Check out the post event analytics below:


Marketing experts are always trying to find innovative ways to create strong brand loyalty. Tough Mudder may have one of the craziest running events out there, but they’ve also succeeded in creating a brand that people love by emphasizing their social media marketing strategy. You don’t need to have 10 foot walls or electroshock therapy to create this kind of draw at your event; however, Photoboxx is a great tool to help expand reach and provide a fun and interactive element to your event. Reach out for a quote: