Prestonwood Students


Teens. Young Adults. Generation Z.

There is a seemingly large gap between this generation and older ones and many organizations are at a loss with how to get this tech-focused group involved + engaged at youth events. One of the most effective ways to get students involved has been to incorporate #hashtagprinting with creative backdrops and props to create the perfect photo-op for students.

Prestonwood Students recently held Freedom Weekend 2K19, an event focused on getting high school aged students involved in the church. They placed their hashtag printing setup in a busy area in the church’s lobby. Students were able to easily jump in and snap a few photos in front of the backdrop with a few “freedom weekend’ props. Photoboxx thrilled students by providing them with a keepsake print of their social media photos. Check out the results below.


Prestonwood’s Freedom Weekend event did offer a few valuable takeaways that can be incorporated into similar events. Here’s a few helpful tips that can help make your next event a rousing success.

Props aren’t necessary, but can boost engagement.

Providing props such as fun backdrops, signs, and items that match your event’s theme really steps up the engagement level. Adding in this small level of creativity adds an extra level of excitement for attendees to capture that perfect photo op.

Volunteers can really help the success of #hashtagprinting.

Having someone available to gather guests and volunteer to snap photos can make a huge difference in engagement. Often times, all guests really need is a friendly nudge to get them to participate.

Photoboxx is a great opportunity for outreach on social media.

You might notice that your church’s social media accounts will be flooded with tags, #hashtags and likes after incorporating Photoboxx at your event. Utilize this boost in social media engagement by making the connection with attendees on Instagram and Twitter. Better yet, use all of that user generated content for your next ad or campaign!

Hashtag printing is a perfect for creating the right environment that promotes engagement both during events as well as extending that interaction to social media. You can easily switch up print artwork designs and backdrops to keep it fun & fresh for each event. Learn more at