More than a #Hashtag Printer

Hosting a successful event takes more than just execution. It’s very easy to jump straight to event planning details and forget that without a well executed strategy, you will miss out on your chance to maximize attendees’ experience and leverage user generated content in your favor. Over the past 7 years in the event industry, we've learned that there are several aspects of experiential marketing that directly affect how engaged attendees will be at your event. Photoboxx 7 is the most versatile and reliable photo booth on the market today. Here’s why.


Why Photoboxx?     

Photoboxx leverages one of the most powerful ways of communicating in this generation: photos. Our world is centered around capturing memories and sharing experiences on social media. We can’t help but like, tweet and post about our experiences as they are happening.  Which is why, regardless of occasion attendees will actually stop, snap a photo and post to Instagram or Twitter if they know that they'll receive a free take home print within a few seconds of posting with the official hashtag or @mention. Photoboxx provides so much more than just #hashtagprinting. Photoboxx provides attendees with a fun and innovative way to capture the experience, which in turn helps businesses expand their digital reach by having more interaction with their official accounts and promoted hashtags creating user generated content for future marketing.

How Does Photoboxx work?

Photoboxx monitors a chosen hashtag(s) and/or handles on Instagram & Twitter and instantly prints photos as custom branded prints when posts include the hashtag or @mention. This allows attendees to tag the promoted event hashtag in their social media posts and in return they receive a free 4x6 printout of their photo. Photoboxx is a fun way to encourage attendees to take photos at your event and tag them with the proper tags and credentials. 

Thanks to the simple set up process and user friendly software, we are able to ship Photoboxx anywhere around the world for any size event. Photoboxx can be easily managed by a member from your team, no event operators required. We know efficiency matters; which is why we prioritized lightweight packaging, quick 3 minute set up, plug & play with built in LTE internet connection, reliability, tech support, and a simple return process. The powerful Photoboxx app provides in depth analytics of your event engagement, so you can monitor your results in real time. Not all of your attendees have social media accounts? Offer to snap their photo with the in-app camera, so everyone can take home their prints. 

What Makes Photoboxx 7 the best on the market?

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 1.29.05 PM.png

The wide range of features makes Photoboxx the most innovative and reliable photo booth of its kind. Now, with Photoboxx 7 you can curate, print and display posts from Instagram and Twitter and control Photoboxx events directly from your phone. Photoboxx 7 also comes fully equipped with a built in LTE internet connection and smart printing technology for a more streamlined user experience. 

Photoboxx 7 offers endless customization options for print artwork and Photoboxx housing. Quickly change the look of your Photoboxx and print as often as you’d like with the new quick-apply peel and stick vinyl wraps. Have your team create your artwork or take advantage of our in house designers to create prints that encompass your brand or campaign.

We Make it Easy.     

We offer several fully comprehensive packages that are tailored to your brand. From one day rentals, several month long campaigns to life long purchases, we've got you covered. 

We've got you convinced? Reach out for a quote.