Rent, Lease, Buy: Which package is right for you?

Photoboxx is a natural addition to a wide variety of events, from professional sporting events, to weekly church services and year round advertising campaigns. Easy set up, detailed analytics and a unique experience for attendees/customers makes Photoboxx the perfect tool to achieve your experiential marketing goals.

Fortunately we have more than one package to choose from, so there's likely the perfect fit for you: Rent, Lease or Buy. Each one catered to common event logistics, creating a simple purchasing experience.  



The all-inclusive option that’s perfect for single or multiple day events.  

Photoboxx rentals are a great option for any event, from an office party to the world’s largest 3 on 3 basketball tournament. Rentals work best for a one-day or weekend event because you get our all inclusive service and goodies, making the set-up, artwork, tech support, print media, round-trip shipping and entire experience a breeze. All you have to do is give us the Photoboxx back!



The all-inclusive option that’s perfect for a single week activation to year long campaigns.

When you lease a Photoboxx, you get our all inclusive service throughout the duration of your lease, granting you premium tech support and the highest tier of Socialdrip (our proprietary software that powers Photoboxx), customized for your needs. Our graphic designers are available to you whenever you need new artwork, help you design a customized vinyl wrap, and we provide you unlimited paper media. Leasing a Photoboxx throughout the duration of your event season or campaign saves you money in the long run, with a lower cost per activation compared to renting for each event individually.



The perfect option to totally customize your experience.

Purchasing a Photoboxx is great for on-going events and campaigns, allowing you to use the printer whenever and wherever you want. Al la carte style, you will have total control on which features and services you want, choosing the Socialdrip package that works best for you. Your new Photoboxx will arrive in style with a customized vinyl wrap, ready for your event.

Whichever package fits you best, Photoboxx will make your event engagement memorable and fun.

As always, our team is more than happy to discuss your event marketing goals and help choose the right package for your needs. Give us a shout!