Open Cart

Today is the big day! The day we've all been waiting for, October 16th.

Starting today you can now officially purchase a Photoboxx hashtag printer online here!

A couple things we want to make clear to everyone interested in purchasing a Photoboxx hashtag printer...

  1. We will only be selling 20 Photoboxxes. Once we've sold 20, we will turn off the cart feature and stop accepting new orders. At this time, we don't have future plans to sell more.
  2. We're only accpeting orders between now and Friday. Friday, October 20th at 5pm PST the cart will close and we will no longer be accepting new orders.

So if you've been considering purchasing a Photoboxx, you dont want to miss out on this limited opportunity. We've had a lot of companies say they plan to purchase a Photoboxx this week, so we're anticipating they will go fast.