The Do's and Don'ts of Location Finding for Your Activation

Are you wondering where to put your activation at your event? 

Trying to find find a central location but one that is not overly crowded is difficult. Finding this location, however, is key to a successful activation.

Here are our do’s and dont’s of location finding: 


put your activation near the check in desk of your event. I know you may think that if it is one of the first things that they see, then they will use it. However, the users are already taking in so much information that the activation is not something they are worrying about at the moment. They will be more focused about checking in, possibly making a name tag, and seeing if there is anyone else at the event that they know.


put your activation in a spot that can be found and seen easily by your attendees. You do not want your users to be playing hide-and-seek with your activation. It should be easily recognizable and distinguishable among other booths and tables at your event.


leave your activation unattended. Rather, have multiple people running it and multiple people in the crowd of attendees, guiding them to your activation. This way you will receive more participation, and the activation will catch on quickly with your crowd.


put your activation in a place that will be frequented by your attendees. Find a balance of high traffic areas and overstimulation.

You want your attendees to notice and frequently walk by this area. Whether it is in an open space near the stage, or by the bar, finding an open space that is frequented by your attendees is key.

If you need more inspiration, SXSW has some of the most interesting activations we have seen. Photoboxx was able to be a part of one of Amazon’s original shows, The Man in The High Castle activation this year, which was awesome. Check out some other great activations, here.