Live Mosaic

Recently, a local eatery & tap house serving the finest dishes and craft brews opened their doors in the small dessert town of Carson City, Nevada. The Union Carson had been serving customers since June with little fan-fare; that is, until their official kickoff held in October. They celebrated the grand opening of the brewery and taphouse addition, which was a monumental event for the small business.


The owners and staff radiated excitement as they kicked off their official grand opening and wanted to their customers to reflect this energy as well. The goal for The Union Carson was to generate a buzz on social media about the opening of the hip new restaurant in town. Blender's Live Mosaic was a natural addition to The Union Carson’s opening due to its success in creating a user generated buzz around the business and giving customers an incentive to post. When diners snapped a picture of their meal and tagged #theunioncarson, their post was integrated into a digital mosaic displayed on a large flatscreen featured front and center in the restaurant.


Live Mosaic ran for a month long campaign. The Union Carson set up table toppers, flyers and cards attached to customer’s bills to invite guests to post using their hashtag and tag their location. They were encouraged to participate in the live-updated image that slowly revealed a hidden background as guests post to Instagram or Twitter. Users’ photos are featured on screen simultaneously while the overall image slowly builds in the background.

At the end of the month long campaign, The Union Carson had a wide curation of several hundred tagged photos featuring food, drinks and guests enjoying their time at the local eatery. They mounted the fully populated image of a burger on aluminum and hung the print front and center in the building. Guests who tagged #theunioncarson during the time that Live Mosaic was running have their photos forever featured in the work of art.


Live Mosaic is a great addition to almost any event or brand campaign imaginable. From product launches and expos to sporting and community events, the addition of a digital mosaic makes it simple to create an organic marketing campaign. Brands such as Flexjet, Avid, Automatic, Wordpress and many others have found success using Digital Mosaic to encourage users to post about their event on social media.  After the event, simply embed the mosaic on your website to continue building content. 

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