MommyCon's Influential Summit Event

Social media influencer marketing has generated quite the buzz in the past few years. Long gone are the days where soley big name corporations could afford high-priced celebrities to promote their brand. This arena of marketing has gone under an entirely new shift, thanks to the emergence of social media influencers. Now influencer sponsorship/promotion is not only attainable to the everyday company, but increasingly popular.


One highly affective tactic in the experiential marketing arena is to host a blogger/influencer event. The key to a successful influencer event is to cultivate an entirely instagram-worthy experience for attendees. MommyCon, an organization that holds conventions focused on connecting and educating parents recently hosted Influential Summit. This event invited new bloggers in the parenting and lifestyle community to join for a day of workshops, networking and speaker events focused on strategies for success as an influencer/blogger in the arena.


Influential Summit was quite the hit this year. The event was held at the beautiful Carlsbad Hilton Resort located right on the beach of Southern California. The west coast sunshine set the tone for an exceptional photo-worthy day. In addition, moms and their kids were invited to participate in an afternoon lawn yoga session, as well as appetizers and drinks. The beach sunset and palm tree backdrop made for an ideal photo-op. Attendees were incentivized to tag MommyCon in their photos by giving away free prints of their images if they used the event hashtag: #influentialsummit


MommyCon succeeded in generating quite a buzz around their event. Social media analytics from the afternoon show that 89 users generated a reach of 1.23 million. MommyCon incorporated a few elements that lead to the success of this event. Invited guest's were part of the parenting and lifestyle online community and had an interest in the topics, which lead to strong engagement and participation. MommyCon had the proper signage to notify guests on how to tag the event. The hashtag was promoted via social media before and during the event.

There are a few valuable takeaways from MommyCon's Influential Summit event. Mix marketing strategy with fun: keep guests engaged for the entire day and curate an instagram-worthy environment. Promote, promote, promote: Create awareness about the hashtag and event on social media weeks prior to the event. Create signage for the event that instructs attendees on how to properly tag posted images.  Follow up after the event: measure the quantitative impact of the event by analyzing reach, number of users, number of posts and number of impressions. Take the guess work out of social media analytics by using Socialdrip to generate reports on ROI, organic reach, impressions and your top influencers.

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Be sure to also follow up on the qualitative impact of the event: repost guest's images from the hashtag, repost tagged photos, check for blog posts and send out post event surveys to attendees. Blogger and influencer events are a great way to create user generated brand awareness and drive your business forward, so follow these tips to maximize impact.