How to Draw a Crowd at Your Experiential Activation 

Have an event coming up? Here's how to get your attendees to your marketing activation!

Have you ever watched a show with an annoying laugh track in it and wondered why they used it? Did it make the show funnier for you? Was the show more enjoyable with it?

Next time you watch one, try to observe if you laugh more then usual. Experiments have shown that fake laughter causes people to laugh longer and more often. When we hear that sound, we think about laughing and will be more inclined to do so. Even Seinfeld used a laugh track...

How does this relate to business?

Well, when you are trying to create buzz around an activation you want to take advantage of this strategy. People unconsciously do what other people are also doing. Not only in their words, but in their actions as well. When events have some sort of activation, (photo booth with props, live displays or interactive exhibits are just a few examples) you want to have people excited to use it. If people are gathered around the activation, other guests will want to see what is happening, and the number of users will rise exponentially. You see this with social experiments and videos that trend on social media all the time. Somebody or something odd, yet entertaining, starts to happen in a public place and some people notice it and stop. A small crowd starts to gather. When people see this crowd they are inclined to also see what is happening and soon enough you have hundreds of people around your activation.   

It is easy to create buzz with Photoboxx. Not only are all the prints hung on a display for others to see, they are also all over social media; two platforms creating buzz that create a “how can I get one for myself" attitude. The best part is that it is simple for them to get one for themselves.  Posting a photo on Instagram or Twitter with a hashtag that you designate for your event and wah lah! a print to take home.

To go the extra mile, designate an outgoing member of your team to show your audience how fun Photoboxx is. Have them pull their friends or random members of the crowd over to take a picture with them. These people might feel odd at first, but after they receive a print in their hand and show their friends, your Photoboxx becomes a huge hit.

Here are a few steps to creating a successful activation:

1. Create a FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) attitude. Generate buzz amongst attendees about your activation by asking people to come try it.
2. Experiential marketing is key. This is having your attendees “experience” something with your activation. This could be letting people customize an item and keep it or try things before they are released to the public; giving people the sense of “This is so cool!”
3. Give participants reason to share their experience on social media. Whether this is a special photo prop or a contest that rewards a sharing winner, social media is a great way to create engagement.