How to Choose the Perfect Hashtag for Your Event

You've got an event coming up and you want to pick the perfect hashtag. Awesome! But How? 

A great hashtag choice can promote interactions with your brand, awareness of your brand, and spur on conversation with people that are not even attending the event. Here are a few steps to create the perfect hashtag.


1. Check what’s trending.

Using a hashtag that has a continuous use will skew your campaign data. You need to create a short, yet distinct hashtag that leaves room for the customer to elaborate on the hashtag. 

For example, say a famous restaurant chain is promoting their new appetizers in their locations and they want consumers to join in by using a hashtag to let everyone know how they liked them. They create a campaign and decide to use the hashtag #TheStarters. Little do they know that The Starters is a popular streaming sports show with thousands of tweets everyday responding to the hosts, and asking questions. The engagement on this hashtag would be too high and it would be hard to separate the restaurant hashtag with the sports show hashtag.


2. Clear & concise.

One of the biggest problems with creating a hashtag is making sure that it is short, interesting and relevant. Keep your hashtag under three words. This will make it easier to remember. The hashtag should relate to your brand. 

Think about the #ShareaCoke campaign put on by Coca-Cola. They are all about creating an experience while drinking Coke. The Share a Coke campaign fed directly into their mission and their branding, while also being creative and spurring engagement. This campaign led to a 2% increase in Coke consumption; from 1.7 billion to 1.9 billion servings drank each day.


3. Inspire engagement.

The reason for creating a hashtag for your event is to promote conversation on social media around it. If your hashtag does not spur any conversation, what’s the point? It should encourage an activity, promote taking and posting a picture, or let the consumer talk about their experience. You want to leave the hashtag broad enough for the consumer to expand, but not too broad that you will receive unrelated response, as mentioned in #1.


4. Think through all possible implications

Trust us on this one; no matter how good your hashtag sounds, a poor word combination or an unlucky trend could ruin your perfect hashtag. Take the infamous Susan Boyle’s album party campaign. The decision was made to create the hashtag #susanalbumparty… I’ll let you decipher that on your own. But you can tell they did not think about all implications in regards to their hashtag. 


5. Use your hashtag before, during and after the event.

To get people in the hashtag spirit, you should make sure to begin to use the hashtag before your event. More than likely, attendees will look up the event on social media beforehand, and if they see the event designated hashtag they will know what to use at the event. It gives more reason to use it if they see other people using it as well. 

Importantly, you also want to use it during the event. There shouldn’t be a post made by you that doesn’t include your hashtag. The point of your hashtag is to see how much engagement you are receiving, so the more use you put into it, the more the attendees will see it and use it as well. 

Lastly, make sure to monitor the hashtag until it dies. Many people will look back at photos or thoughts that they had about the event after it has finished and post these. You want to squeeze as much engagement out of the event as you can, and this is one way to do so. 


So what are the best tools for promoting hashtags at events?

Digital Media Signage

Want to let people know that the hashtag is being used? Display a digital screen that shows all the event hashtag use over various social media channels at your event. These interactive and visually appealing displays will spur on further engagement with your hashtag. Tagboard is a simple way to display a certain hashtag on to signage at your events.

Promoting Through Key Accounts

If your brand account is not using the hashtag, how will your consumers know that it is even in use? Your brand social media accounts should be promoting this hashtag constantly. This will also increase the understanding of the event to your consumers.


With Photoboxx, we will help you to make these 5 wishes come true. Our hashtag printers are designated to the hashtag that you pick (or our genius team can help you pick), and print out photos for the guests to keep. Not only do the attendees have to use your hashtag on Instagram or Twitter to receive their photo, but this means they are creating engagement. During the event, the more times that the hashtag is used, the greater the visibility your brand has. 

The great part is, it does not stop there. We will generate an analytic report to tell you how many potential consumers saw your hashtag, used the hashtag, among many other statistics. The event is important, but analyzing your success after the event is just as important.