Hashtag Printing: The Next Big Thing for Church Marketing

Few things are more effective at building a community within a church than hosting a fun attraction that gets members involved at the service. What better way to cultivate this relationship then to incorporate the leading hashtag printer, Photoboxx at your next service event.

We recently spoke with Isaiah Paine, Creative Director at True Hope Church about their recent Easter weekend service with Photoboxx. He had a few reasons why incorporating a hashtag printer at their services was the perfect way to create a family-focused atmosphere and add value to the whirlwind day. 800+ people frequented the church between the multiple services held throughout the weekend. Paine says “Photoboxx added a unique ‘cool factor’ that created a novelty at the services” as well as a place for attendees to gather and get involved. Church goers took a minute to snap a quick photo with friends and family in front of the beautiful turf and flower covered Easter wall and took home a customized Easter themed print-out to remember the holiday by. "Families got to share a photo together and take a keepsake" says Paine. Photoboxx is a simple way to capture moments during the event, as well as spread awareness about True Hope Church community across social media in a fun and unique way.

Photoboxx acts as an effective social media marketing tool for church brand awareness. The photos that church-goers post to social media and tag their friends and family in spread the word about the church's mission and opens doors to growth in members and ministry. The post event analytics reveal how well the True Hope Easter event performed on Instagram and Twitter. Of the 75 photos that were posted during Easter Sunday, the event hashtag: #easterattruehope was seen by over ten thousand users. Paine says the official @truehopechurch Instagram account also saw a significant increase in number of followers post event, as an added bonus.


Numerous churches, including Taylor's First Baptist Church, Stadia Church Planting and Life Center have had success with the addition of Photoboxx at retreats, conferences, weekend camps, holiday celebrations and services resulting in millions of brand impressions and engagement. Photoboxx is both fun for users and an effective marketing tool to spread awareness about your organization. 

The user generated content creates an authentic voice of the church community and their mission. Photoboxx is a fantastic way to spread the word about the church, create opportunities for discussion and promote invitations to "come visit our church next Sunday!" Mother's Day is fast approaching and many church organizations have already booked their rentals. Reach out for your quote today at: photoboxx.me/contact