Photoboxx Shines at Elite Soccer Tournament


Play Orlando North | Photoboxx Purchase 

If there is one thing that’s sure to be a hit at any high school sports tournament, it’s #hashtagprinting. Engage the “selfie” generation at games and tournaments by incorporating Photoboxx into your next event. Play Orlando North recently purchased Photoboxx to incorporate at sports tournaments in Florida’s Seminole County and had huge success with hashtag printing at the Elite Clubs National League (ECNL) girls soccer tournament.

Thanks to the popularity of Instagram with millennials, hashtag printing shines its light at high school-aged events. The girls posed in front of the ECNL step and repeat wall to capture the perfect photo and then posted to Instagram & Twitter with the official event hashtag: #ECNLFL to receive free prints of their photos. Rather than previous years of posting Facebook albums choc full of photos from a trip, millennials are posting carousel Instagram posts to highlight a few of their favorite moments. Photoboxx prints every one of those images in each carousel post for a complete series of tangible keepsakes to remember the tournament/game/celebration by. The weekend-long tournament yielded over 450 posts, which generated well over 4 MILLION impressions on social media. Check out the Socialdrip analytics below:


By the end of the weekend-long tournament, the #ECNLFL hashtag had a wide curation of several hundred tagged photos featuring the girls having a blast. Photoboxx is a natural addition to high school games and tournaments thanks to its ability to heighten the overall attendee' experience in a fun and relevant way.