5 Reasons Why Colleges are Switching from Photo Booths to Hashtag Printers

Forget the photo booth for this year’s campus activities. Colleges are raving about the next generation of photo booth: The Hashtag Printer. Here are five reasons why you should bring a hashtag printer instead of a photo booth at your next campus event:


1. College Students Love Social Media.

Social media is especially popular in the college demographic. The millennial generation is all about tweeting, posting and liking photos on social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter. Why not leverage this powerful marketing tool that students are already using by incorporating Photoboxx at your next campus event. Not only does hashtag printing encourage students to engage at the event, but it also creates user generated content about your school that will be seen by prospective students and parents. Which brings us to our next point…

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 11.49.21 AM.png

2. Event Analytics are Trackable

User generated content created at campus events provides value across a number of marketing strategies including social media activity, driving on-site engagement at events, providing brand content for other marketing campaigns, and influencing sales. Photoboxx App, our proprietary software generates reports on ROI, organic reach, impressions and your top influencers from campus activity.  Students capture event content from the source and market to their circles. Photoboxx allows colleges to effectively leverage this invaluable content and sharing activity.


3. Hashtags are Hot

#Millenials #love #hashtags. Curate a gallery of fun photos taken from your campus event by creating a unique hashtag that students can reference to find their photos after the event. And with Instagram’s new feature that allows users to follow hashtags, the reach of student’s photos is even more expansive. Anyone can see all the photos posted during or after the event by searching for the hashtag on Instagram or Twitter, so anyone who missed out on attending can still catch all the action in real time! Want to see a few examples? Check out Towson University's Admissions tag #readyturoar or University of Wisconsin Alumni Association's tag #alumnipark.


4. Hashtag Printers Cover the Entire Event

With the addition of Photoboxx, students no longer have to leave the party to wait their turn to squeeze themselves and friends into a photo booth. 🙌🏼Attendees can quickly snap a photo from anywhere and instantly pick up their branded printout. Every attendee has their own camera and can take photos from anywhere at the event! Prints are easily customizable and there are endless options for artwork.


5. Hashtag Printers are Mobile, Simple and Easy-to-Use

Photoboxx has a very small foot print. Thanks to the simple set up process and user friendly software, we are able to ship Photoboxx anywhere around the world for any size event. A Photoboxx will typically be delivered to you a few days before your event and sets up in less than 5 minutes. Once your event is over, stick a return label on the case and UPS will pick it up from your location.