Drum role!!! Today we have two major announcements regarding the purchase and sale of Photoboxx hashtag printers. Plus we’re going to show some behind the scene footage of the manufacturing process at Photoboxx.


Are you ready?

We know a lot of you have been waiting anxiously to find out when you can buy your own Photoboxx hashtag printer, so here it is:

The big day is October 16th!

On Monday October 16th at 10:00am PST we will start accepting orders at We will only be accepting orders until October 20th.

Ok, so here's the second big announcement...

We are only going to be selling 20 Photoboxxes.

AND we currently don’t have plans to sell more after this. We know, it seems crazy to only sell 20 with all of the demand from our customers, but since selling our hashtag printers is a new concept for us, we want to be careful not to bite off too much. We feel if we limit this initial release we can offer a better service and product, and then if all goes well we can move forward with future plans to sell more.

If you have ever shopped around for hashtag printers you have probably noticed that usually the products on the market don’t include everything you need to functionally use it. You’re typically purchasing just a shell, then after hours of research you will need to purchase additional hardware and software, and hope it all works together. Most of the options out there seem cost effective, but once you add up everything you need to actually use the hashtag printing device, like a printer, wiring, custom vinyl wrap, case, computer, software and support the price climbs fast. At Photoboxx, we feel like you should get all of this with your hashtag printer, and that it should all work together very well. That’s why when you buy a Photoboxx hashtag printer, it will be plug and play, always ready to run right out of the box.

Leave us a comment or like this post if you’re excited about being able to purchase your own Photoboxx hashtag printer, and we will see you online at on October 16th!